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About this Product

This is a handmade vase made from a real dried gourd. You can create a wonderfully rustic centerpiece for your table with a carved gourd! The artwork is drawn by hand, using pyrography or wood-burning techniques. It features pretty butterflies moving gracefully upward, flying happily through a flower garden. Translucent stains and waxes enhance and help to reveal the natural beauty of the gourd shell.

  • It may be surprising to know that this rustic centerpiece began as a seedling on a farm! I purchase my gourds from farms in the United States.

  • The gourds are full of dried seeds. I clean out the middle just as you would a fresh fall pumpkin.

  • To create the vase shape I cut the top off the gourd and carve a decorative rim.

  • This butterfly vase looks lovely just sitting by itself on a decorative table, but you can also add some dried or faux flowers for fun.

  • Keep in mind the gourds are dried, and therefore very lightweight. If the flowers are a little top-heavy, you can just place a random household item in the bottom for some extra weight and stability. A rock from the garden works great!

  • A carved gourd makes a unique addition to your home decorating and a wonderfully unique handmade gift!


5.5 inches wide, 10 inches tall

  • Flowers are not included.

  • Intended for indoor use.


Auburn, NH
Welcome! I love creating uniquely rustic pieces for your home. I work with real dried gourds for your tabletop decorating and reclaimed wood for your wall decor. I am happy to customize when I can so please reach out if you have a creative idea you'd like to work on together. 

Meet the Maker

Hello friends! My name is Christy and l welcome you to my shop :) 

In my handmade shop, I feature unique pieces of home decor that add a little rustic and a little whimsy to your home. 

I began my handmade journey of wood-burning artwork on reclaimed wood. The beautiful brown color in my artwork is created with pyrography, "drawing with fire". It is the perfect complement to the reclaimed wood that I use to create rustic wall hangings. All the artwork is wood-burned by hand, using pyrography tools.

When I discovered the incredibly versatile dried gourds, it was love at first sight! I instantly added them to my creative routine. I've always adored pumpkin carving, and here was a similar natural vegetable that will for many years without the shelf life of a fresh pumpkin. The dried gourd shells are very hard and perfect for carving and pyrography!

I use the gourds to create whimsical fall pumpkin characters with a ton of personality. I also enjoy turning the gourds into decorative bowls, vases, and vessels. Each gourd shape is unique, so each gourd piece is a one-of-a-kind! 

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This image shows myself sitting with many decorative gourds I have made. A wood burned bear hangs on the wall that I made.

How it’s Made

  • It all starts in my imagination! I am inspired by beautiful animals, flowers, and textures found in nature.

  • I consider the artwork I want to feature and then match that creative thought to the size and shape of the gourd I've chosen.

  • Gourds are a real vegetable that grows on vines, just as a pumpkin does. When the gourds dry, their shell becomes very hard, making them perfect for carving.

  • I purchase dried gourds grown in the United States.

  • I cut into the top of the gourd and then cleaned out the dried seeds and membrane.

  • I carve a decorative shape for the rim and stipple the inside of it.

  • The artwork is drawn using pyrography, or wood-burning tools.

  • I use translucent paints and waxing to show off the gorgeous shell of the gourd which feels wonderfully smooth to the touch.

  • This dried gourd will last for many, many years!

Shop Policies

Return Policy - I do accept returns. Please reach out to me within 7 days of your purchase. 

Custom Orders - I love working with you on special requests. Send me a message with your idea and we can chat about the possibilities! 


Processing Time

  • Custom Pieces - 1-2 week processing time after the proof approval.

  • Finished Wall Art - Ships within 3-5 business days.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Do you offer custom sizes?  Yes! If I have the supplies, I am happy to work with the space you have so it fits nicely.

  •  Do you do commissioned work?  Yes! I love to help you bring the idea inside your head, out, and into your home. 

  • How long does a custom or personalized piece take? I most often can complete a custom piece in a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the design. The exception is the holiday season. Please reach out to inquire about my current turnaround time.

  • Do you make wall art for businesses? Yes! Decorating your business with rustic wall art creates a warm and inviting space for your customers and employees. I can recreate your logo or company mottos etc on reclaimed wood. 

  • How do I hang my wall art? I attach a classic saw tooth hanger on the back for you to hang your piece.

  • Is the wood heavy? All the wood I use is real and solid. Depending on the type of wood, yes it can be very heavy. I would recommend a drywall screw to hang your piece on. 


Processing Time 

  • Finished Gourds - I ship your orders within 3-5 days of purchase. 

  • Custom Gourds - I ship your orders within a few weeks. 

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Can I order a customized gourd character? Yes! I am happy to work with you on a personalized gourd for you. Just reach out and we can chat about your idea.

2. Can I order the hats separately? Not at this time. I use the coordinating gourd top to make the hat base. So the gourd top/hat fits the gourd exactly. I am contemplating making hats separately. Let me know if this might be a good idea... I'd love your input! 

3. Can I use the gourds to decorate outside? These gourds are dried, but I wouldn't recommend letting them get wet with the weather elements. It's best to keep these as "indoor gourds".

4. Can I name my gourd? Sure! If you would like to name a gourd just let me know. This would fall into a custom piece, so I would just need a week or so to create this gourd for you. 

5. Are there additional charges for custom gourds? This depends on the request. Please just send me a note with your request and I can let you know. 

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Shop Reviews (1611)

beautiful arrangement, as pictured. highly recommend!


Loved it! Perfect for Halloween decor! Thank you for the Outstanding Customer Service & Satisfaction!


So cute! Everything was done with such thought and care!